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no negativity, no weakness, no acquiescence to fear or disaster
no evasion from reality
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2nd-Aug-2013 01:54 am(no subject)
TORRES my boy
"I am not me any more. At least I'm not the same me I was."-che guevera

so I don't update this thing all too often, but I still have quite an attachment to it. i mean, i literally have over six years of memories saved in this little contraption.

but  friends only again. ask&ill add you. grazie&prego
5th-May-2010 02:41 pm(no subject)
hey there beautiful
What I WILL do:
Put effort with those people who show themselves to be true with actions, not mere words.

What I NEED to do:
...find a freakin internship ASAP
5th-May-2010 02:22 am - Writer's Block: Nirvana
hey there beautiful
What is your favorite place in the world? What makes it so meaningful to you? How often do you visit or imagine being there?

Palestine (The Galilee). Big surprise, I know. It's something...about the way the air tastes, and the sun beats down, and the hills roll almost like green mountains in the distance...so that every morning, as cheesy as it sounds, I am literally breath-taken. I love the lifestyle. Everything is simpler...it is by no means a third world country, but...the priorities there anchor me back as to the meaning of life, to religion and its all-encompassing meaning...to love and giving, to all those things that make life beautiful and meaningful.
11th-Feb-2010 01:59 am(no subject)
hey there beautiful
Moved out of my dorm, have lived in this one since Monday. Roommates suddenly turned into creatures unearthed from Hades. More on that later. For now, have until 9:00 to study for Cognitive Psych exam. Am stressing.
& yes, I know, all of my sentences are fragmented but um SO IS MY MIND RIGHT NOW

I've posted him before, but he's so beautiful. My arab crushhh
5th-Jan-2010 07:03 pm(no subject)
hey there beautiful
um, beautiful. and what do you know, he's algerian

21st-Nov-2009 09:44 pm(no subject)
hey there beautiful
Mom: What should I make for your birthday tomorrow?
Me: *watching Amores Perros on laptop* Gael Garcia Bernal. Wait what?

20th-Nov-2009 11:50 pm(no subject)
hey there beautiful
I am watching the movie UP! with my little brother.

Why does this make me feel like crying? It's only been 12 minutes into the movie...
10th-Oct-2009 01:12 am(no subject)
hey there beautiful
losing friendships...is very painful.
especially when the other person doesnt notice, going on with their life, not giving the effort.
19th-Sep-2009 05:18 am(no subject)
darcy hand
the way the chords of your voice play, the way your armor shines beneath the light of a foreign sun thousands of miles away, its mesmerizing and my head, which was so tightly in place, is spinning past constellations searching for moons and dreams i'm not sure fully exist...

boyyy you got me dreaminnnnnnnn
5th-Sep-2009 01:52 am(no subject)
hey there beautiful

9albi leih ta5onoh?
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